how to make a fly-tying tool holder, a foam thingy and a ‘BuzzyBug’

via Chris Sanford’s Stuff TV

nifty, cool and a nice bug to boot. not bad at all for a five minute video.
drilling holes into a board to hold tying tools isn’t anything new and while i’ve seen the foam-feather-folder thing before it’s the first time i’ve seen the two together. maybe it’s because it looks like a little boat or simply because it’s a cheap and efficient tool but whatever it is, me like. just like Chris, i’m not much of a DIYer but this’ll be a cinch to make for any out there that are. nice too to see the foam thing in use, in this case, to help construct what might be considered as a Wooly-Bugger’s little bead-headed cousin (of sorts).
tying-wise, of most interest here is the idea of combining dubbing directly to the feather fibers in an easy and controllable manner before inserting it into the dubbing loop.  the creative tier will find all sorts of uses for this foam-thing and possible combinations are endless. that’s the cool part. once again, nothing really new here as a lot of tiers know and use similar methods but i like the way its presented and besides, not everyone knows this neat, simple trick. enjoy !

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