Black Quill Buzzer

by Peter Gathercole

Peter is quite well known around the world through his various publications on fly fishing and fly tying: Fly Fishing for Trout, The Fly-tying Bible, Fly-tying for Beginners and A Passion for Trout and has been featuring tying videos in pay-for apps but as far as i know, this one’s one of the few tying tutorials he’s made open to the general public, and it’s a nice one.
imitating a midge/chironomid pupae, i really like the idea of wrapping the quill body in open turns instead of the more usual ‘touching turns’, letting the thread behind it accentuate the segment effect of the bugs body. i don’t know if it makes it more realistic or not but it looks sexier, at least in my eyes…
another treat is the film’s vantage point:  ” There are some great fly tying videos available on You Tube and Vimeo. The only problem with most of them is that they are filmed from the viewer’s point of view rather than the tyer’s, which is not ideal if you are learning how to tie flies.  The smaller form factor of modern cameras means that it is now possible to film from the correct side so the viewer can see exactly what’s going on. ”
most of us have seen tying videos from the tier’s perspective long ago but it’s definitely nice to see some more.
me like. me hope you like too.

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