“I do not think you can name many great inventions that have been made by married men.”

~  Nikola Tesla

whether this statement is true or not seems irrelevant and since i fundamentally agree because i can’t remember inventing a single thing, even a minor one, during the brief time i was married, it sounds good and it’s just not worth doing the research to prove or disprove and since it comes from a person who not only accepted but understood things of much greater importance such as parallel worlds, spacial travel, mathematics, electricity and all sorts of other cool things and because of all this, it’s also pretty sure he would have fully understood other complex subjects like how fly lines move, loop propagation all the finer subjects that even the small handful of contemporary experts can’t seem to either figure out or agree on, the only thing we can hold against him is that he is dead and that’s a shame because we could do with a few more Teslas these days.

anyhow, here’s a baetis nymph.
'dead nymph TLC 1-8-13

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