Wader Safety Training for Anglers

some nice and very important safety information for any angler. please take special note of these key points:
– contrary to the common widespread idea from people who haven’t tried this out for themselves, waders filled with water do not pull you under.
– modern PFD (Personal Flotation Devices) are easy to wear and hardly get in the way during activities on the water. they not only keep the angler’s torso and head above water but flip the body face-up since the air bladders are in front. this means that an unconscious or ‘stunned’ angler that might have received a shock while falling into the water has a much greater chance of getting back home because (s)he’ll be able to breath.
– take note of the special swimming stroke.
– practice all this some day when you’re at a friend’s pool or beach to be familiar with each point and mostly to build confidence. you might need this some day and it’s better not to be caught off guard. you might need to help out a friend as well.

on a personal note, i would (and do) automatically have a knife easily accessible at all times. climbing out of the water might be a pain in the butt if you’re using a ladder like in the video, but it might be next to or completely impossible if there’s a natural rock ledge or similar in the wild. in this case, take the knife and make slits in the waders near your feet to allow the water to drain out as you climb out.

2 thoughts on “Wader Safety Training for Anglers

    • thanks for stopping by, Cole.
      as suggested in the post, all it takes is trying it out yourself. gear up and jump in. it’s not only good to dispel dumb concepts but actually fun !

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