brainwashem’ young- Kite-Master Eryn

‘Fish Fight Simulator’ by Lee Cummings

actually, i’m not sure if this lovely lass is Millie ‘The Double-Haul Princess’  because they grow so fast… (it turns out it’s Millie’s sister Eryn) but regardless, it’s hard to imagine a better and funner way to teach a kid how to learn to fight a fish and be comfortable with rod and reel management before actually having one on the end of the line.  fun !

2 thoughts on “brainwashem’ young- Kite-Master Eryn

  1. Hi Marc
    That was our youngest daughter Eryn having fun in that video. In Millies double hauling clip from years ago, Eryn is the lal lass that’s stood beside her watching.

    • hiya Lee ! hope all’s well. i’ll change that right away. she’s a cutie ❤
      hope to see you soon, probably in Spain in May.

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