Jason, Bradding.

(that’s Jason as in Borger and Brad as in Dork)

often branded as a heretic when i mention that i find the ‘River runs through it’ movie quite boring, this little gif makes up for all the mushy-sobby right vs wrong scenario, down-your-throat mysticism, alleviates us from the deep angst always brought on by seeing Pitt’s goofy face and shows us over and over a finer-than-fine display of fly casting excellence.
coming from Jason that’s of course no surprise: there’s impeccable wrist control, the whole arm contributes to the cast to create a straight line path of the rod tip, demonstrates acceleration to a stop/translation followed by rotation as well as any video i’ve seen before and it’s all crowned with a beautiful pointy loop despite the mushy-action vintage bamboo rod*. just beautiful.

Jason Borger 'River' gif

* this last point was included only to point out that the current trend of ‘you need a fast rod to produce tight-pointy loops‘ is nothing more than marketing hype.

8 thoughts on “Jason, Bradding.

  1. Hi Marc,

    “…a beautiful pointy loop despite the mushy-action vintage bamboo rod*. just beautiful.”

    Eh, hexagraph graphite rods were used for the casting/fishing scenes in the movie 😉

    Hans W

    • my momma taught me to not trust everything that’s written ! 😆
      i’ll do that just out of curiosity. thing is, i seem to remember ‘boo makers on the film’s credit list at the end. of course, that doesn’t mean in itself that they where actually used during the casting sequences. movies are all about transforming the truth anyway… 😉

      • but rest assured, Hans. the ‘mushy rod’ thing is only there to offend the purists. 😆
        i have a fantastic bamboo rod designed and built by Ulf Löfdal in Sweden that’s faster than most fast carbon rods. an absolute delight. i’ll make sure to have you try it when we meet 😎

  2. Marc, I copy on bamboo and recovery speed. I had a Brunner rod which was faster than a Sage TCR. I liked neither LOL
    I do like the 7″5″ 3pc #5 Henseler I have, and several by Tom Moran – esp a 7’6″ 2pc #4.

    • i’m glad you brought up ‘recovery speed’ because in reality, that’s what makes a fast rod and not the misunderstood ‘catalogue talk’ stiffness of its action.
      i have a french Piam 8′ 4wt graphite that would be considered a mid to lower-flex that recovers very fast. i might paint it bamboo color… :mrgreen:
      don’t know if you’re interested but here’s the SnakeCharmer mentioned above.

  3. I do know a hexagraph was used for the shadow cast. Redford insisted that Jason use a bamboo rod even after Jason told “Bob” that it would break. Redford insisted on authenticity and the bamboo rod broke. Then Bob insisted Jason use the the backup bamboo rod. That broke as well. After that Jason used a hexagraph. My source is Gary Borger who taught me to and has been a personal friend since 1978. If you have any doubt look at the Acknowledgment Page for Gary’s book, Fishing the Film. I read early drafts of the book.

    Furthermore the movie clip you have on this page is not Jason Borger casting. Jason used the “three point grip” as does Gary. The caster is likely Jerry Siem of Sage using the thumb on top grip. Jason does perform the roll cast later a bit later in the film. For the three point grip see: http://www.garyborger.com/2012/08/22/the-three-point-grip/

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