pissy beer, crisps, a nifty tune and a tube fly.

points 1 and 2 and 3 kinda set the tone for this first tying video from friend and instructor colleague, Happy Instructor‘ César de la Hoz
oint 1 is obviously bad for your health and so is point 2 but after thinking about it for a while, point 2’s greasy-greasiness might just be a bonus for tying these types of flies: materials will stick together, making the process easier to get ‘just the right form’ and although it’s hard to tell if they’re flavored or not, all that salt and all that greasiness might leave some fish-atracting scent on the fly making it a super pattern.  this might be a secret, who knows.
point 3 isn’t hard-core and that’s good.
it seems like we’re left with part 4 and it’s about time…
i hope we’ll be seeing a lot more from César soon. enjoy !