“And I won my division,” he said. “It’s the over 60, gray hair, profuse grey chest hair, paralyzed from the chest down, colostomy and urine bag carrying, lung cancer division. You have to use a bamboo fly rod, 2-pound test line and dry fly only.”

old farts fishing

gotta admit, it’s always charming to see old farts stream-side.

semi-cheerfull, flaccid and reminiscent in their own special geriatric way they’re always good for a laugh or two but more than that they remind me of what’s coming up next.
i, we, can chose to see that as an inevitable miserably depressing fact or, maybe that certain activities during our ‘working age’ should be pushed away for the sake of being waterside instead of at work so, thanks, your mumbling words hit home.

today’s lovely quote comes from Passion, controversy and rain at America Cup fly fishing tournament
i actually abhor competition fishing but it’s still a nice read, specially the old fart part.