Fly Tying Tips- Tying Off Materials

an oh-so useful and out-of-the-box tip just out from Hans Weilenmann
we’ve seen this method many times throughout Hans’ great tying tutorials, however today’s how-to demonstrates in greater detail his rather unique manner of tying off ribbing, hackles and other materials.

this has several advantages over wrap-wrap-wrap and snip: since the material is effectively doubled-over, it’s completely locked in place with only two turns of thread. as explained, the first turn locks down both sides of the material by crossing it twice and the second jams it all together. brilliant.
of equal grooviness is the cut or worried-off (twisted) or snapped-off material bit that’s left is angled toward the the back of the hook instead of toward the eye, leaving  the space between the last material and the eye without lumps and bumps and unnecessary thread-wrap thickness to add on more materials or, nice and neat and thin to finish the head of the fly without having horendouly-horrible things sticking out of it.  brilliant.
enjoy !

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9 thoughts on “Fly Tying Tips- Tying Off Materials

  1. Hans’ videos are the only ones I will recommend to anyone without having seen them. There is so much poor tying in videos I have to check out anyone else’s before I suggest a beginner watch them. Not so with Hans.

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