a Fly for HairDressers

Hairdresser mosquito 1

yup, Markus Hoffman‘s crawled out of his Guinness-Flavored man-cave and gone into town to bring us this unusually located tasty-yummy swedish half-in/half-out, midge-chironomid-buzzer ‘Frisörmyggan‘ treat *

since the fly itself is a little hard to see on the vid, Markus gracefully provided a few pics to wet your lacquered and well gelled appetite. enjoy !

Hairdresser mosquito x2-1

*Midge-Hairdresser’ (yeah, goofy but as long as it isn’t Surströmming and it catches fish i can live with it)
** be sure to click on either pic for a selection of Markus’ trippy tying tutorials previously posted on the Cobra