the Minnie Mouse No Hackle dry fly

by Davie McPhail

ok, Davie doesn’t mention anything about Ms. Mouse (as well as anyone else as far as i can tell… ) but, this style of fly always brings up images of her sexy bow-tie shaped head gear, something i’m sure  the trout are fond of in an equal manner. (that’s one of those  things i can’t explain but just is)

MinervaMouse2 if only she had a hook…

anyway, leaving aside the cutesy parts, what i mostly like about this fly is apart from the tail, it doesn’t look at all like a natural bug and yet we know it fools fish easily and it fools them a lot.
tying-tip-wise, were shown a really nice way to tie in and tame micro-fibbets and although we’ve seen it several times, Davie’s method of tying in and adjusting paired wing slips is always worthy of close attention. enjoy !