’round and round with Davie

in a wonderful example that a fly tier can have ADHD (or be drunk and confused) and still manage to make a wonderful fly, Davie’s two-versioned tutorial of the same generalised imitation where wings and thorax get interchanged shows us some fine, yet-so-easy fly tuning that simple rearrangements can produce. more than just a groovy example of mixing and matching, this fly thing  seems to be just the ticket as a really good searching pattern or when there’s several types of bugs on the water. mayflies, caddis, hawthorn, crickets and you name it. it looks buggy as bug and’ll leave a lot for the fish to see below, in the surface film and above the water. that’s a lot of good points for a fly to have.  enjoy !

2 thoughts on “’round and round with Davie

  1. I think Davie McPhail is the best all around tyer I’ve seen. He’s the first YouTube tyer I subscribed to after searching classic salmon and wet fly tying. He has such a relaxed style and disciplined foundation in his techniques. Every video I watch I see classic techniques that I read in tying manuals when I was learning how to tye and things that I’ve never seen before. He not only talks the talk but has also walked the walk, sharing his experience in fishing the flies. I learn more in ten minutes of viewing than reading volumes of manuals. If that’s the result of ADHD or drunk and confused than I should be lucky! 😉 I could watch him tye a shoe and probably find a new way to do that.
    Thanks for posting this and all your other informative and beautiful posts.

    • haha ! the ADHD + booze thing was just my way of saying that we can get things out of order on a fly and still get great results ! 😆
      and yes, i fully agree with everything else you wrote. Davie’s a real gem, in a class of his own.
      thanks for the kind words and for stopping by,

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