Too much fishing is a bad thing.

as sport-fishers, and even for those who keep a fish now and again, the video below might seem about as far removed from our activity as it gets but then maybe not.
not blatantly advertised as such, it appears to have been produced by the dubious Greenpeace group and the numbers and examples are most probably exaggerated but the basic idea remains. simply put, there’s too much of a demand for food and its by-products from the seas and over harvesting produces imbalances. bad ones.
add pollution and other assorted badies to the equation and the stated numbers might be up to par after all. geared towards the EU, the message is Worldwide. geared towards the seas and oceans, the repercussions inland are equally astounding. it’s a big, huge, colossal affair and every area and country is concerned.
please share this with your friends and maybe do a little something about it in your own small way if you believe its worth it.

2 thoughts on “Too much fishing is a bad thing.

  1. Well C&R wouldn’t solve world-wide overfishing since we are not talking about sports, but facing the problem with a C&R gentlemens mindset there is more powerfull we all can do instead writing to our local politicians dustbin and shift responsibility from US to them:

    Every day we give a vote, give our opinion to the problem whilst buying something at the supermarket, restaurant etc. No matter if its fish, meat, eggs…just consider

    1. what you consume and how its has been “produced”, and just as important
    2. how much you consume, even it has been produced ethically justifiable (organic etc.).

    More than politicians WE consumers are responsible. Eat less, look good at the river :).
    Brilliant website by the way and thanks for sharing.

    Cheers Jean Marius

    • thanks for your comment and the kind words Doc.
      i completely agree and is something i’ve been doing for years.
      i’m glad you brought up the ‘economic voting’ & supply and demand issue. it may seem small but when enough people stop buying a particular product, the supplier either changes products or methods of production or simply goes out of business. i hope the latter happens.

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