Beginnings (an introduction to fly fishing) by Mel Krieger

hard to think of a better introduction than this intimate and very informative film.
made in 1996, this 1:12 video is the perfect thing to share with your little ones and starting-off friends on a cold night. created for newcomers, the experienced angler will also find or remember a thing or two.
as instructors or people who want to share fly fishing, casting and tying with others, we’ll be reminded how far enthusiasm, communication skills and keeping things interesting, easily assimilated and simple will go in getting the message across and this is something, more than anything else that i’ll always have the greatest respect for: Mel’s addictive enthusiasm and how this has gotten so many people around the world into our wonderful activity and how this enthusiasm continues even after his death. thanks Mel.

20 thoughts on “Beginnings (an introduction to fly fishing) by Mel Krieger

  1. neither am i Marc, its from 1.05 /one hour+/ on when the Spanish talk starts. maybe is some sacred flyfishing stuff revealed that is not for the hares of the mere english users πŸ™‚

    if yuor not in a mood go do some flyfishing or eat chocolate instead, both will make you happy! πŸ™‚

  2. Advanced secret Hispanic numphing stuff ? sounds good but how this goes with the line that “best kept secret in flyfishing is that we dont catch fish most of the time”? just the opposite is true in fact we have good fun at those that didnt catch any fish πŸ™‚

  3. i’m glad it didnt confuse me, i would definatley suspend any fly fishing and collect butterflies instead if it was a true statement πŸ™‚

  4. Mel would not be amused to see his work published without respecting copyrights.

  5. maybe you’re right Peer but i’m hoping that he would be happy to share his enthusiasm and get more people interested in our activity, specially kids and that’s why this post is in the -brainwashem’ young- kids section.
    i’m going by the idea that its ok to share if the video hasn’t been removed from Youtube by whomever is responsible for Mel’s estate. its been online for almost a year, which is a very long time for a ‘forbidden’ video to remain visible. considering it takes literally seconds to find any and all videos of an author through the use of varied search engines, i’m really thinking that it’s not a copy-write violation.

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