Sexy-Floss BloodWorm

unsurprisingly, Davie’s new tie is the prettiest i’ve seen in the tailed-for-movement chironomid larvae imitation family but there’s more to it than just pretty. bloodworms, just like most of the different stages of the chironomid are translucent, chironomid_larvae_eric_lindsomething a lot of  other patterns sorely miss. they also wiggle/squirm back and forth a lot even when not going from one place to another and this is where adding a slinky/undulating marabou tail helps: fishing the fly static and letting the smallest currents in the lake or wind do the work instead of constantly retrieving the line and fly.


bugs of the same species can differ greatly from region to region and we’ll also notice that the chiro larvae goes through different stages, and more importantly for us, different sizes. bloodworms are typically red hence the name but as seen here  we’ll notice that various shades of olive, tans and grey are readily found so once again, different sizes and colours of this same pattern should cover you just about anywhere.

not a fancy fly for sure but then it says ‘eat me’ all over and it’s always a treat to watch Davie work his magic. enjoy !

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