Deer Hair Wings and Muddler Head the Easy way.

once in a while a really innovative tying technique pops up and this little doozy from Staffan Lindstrom fits the bill perfectly.
definitely one for those reluctant or that can’t be bothered to use deer hair, the ingenious trick of tying the hair wing on while still on the skin and using the butts to form the head in one simple-easy move should change a few tier’s approach.
since it’s in Norwegian, you might want to turn the sound down and put on some Davis or something, the visuals are more than easy to understand.
i’m struggling to understand the need for five strands of  thread to tie in the hair where a good and strong 6/0 or other single thread should be more than enough but then again, maybe i’m being punished for encouraging you to not listen to five minutes of Norwegian:mrgreen:
the cool deer hair party part starts at 1:18, enjoy !

oh, here’s some ear-saving Davis.

14 thoughts on “Deer Hair Wings and Muddler Head the Easy way.

  1. Totally caught off guard with the Bic! Thanks for the Miles, just what I needed this morning.

  2. Hi Marc – thanks for another very interesting post. The technique of leaving the skin attached is something I will experiment with on my tiny damselfly nymphs and my JLM Specials. I too was surprised by the flames – talk about a perfectly controlled burn!

    Best regards – metiefly

    • thanks. the ‘perfectly controlled burn’ happens because there’s less air between the hairs as it all burns down toward the base, thus slowing it down.
      after that and if necessary, a little blowing on it stops it completely.
      as with all new techniques, best is to practice on a bare hook until the process feels and looks good.

    • I thought about that but the fire shouldn’t get that far near the shank or otherwise all the hair would have disappeared. as noted, burning muffler heads isn’t new and as far as I’ve seen he’s the only one who feels the need to use so many strands. maybe it’s just a confidence thing.

    • give it a go, mate. you’ll see that it doesn’t burn through and I think I figured out why.
      while the hairs are splayed out there’s air between them. when the fire/burning gets closer to the tighter base there’s less air and the burning stops. as when using a razor blade, it’s best to go at it little by little.
      have fun experimenting and thanks for stopping bye,

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