‘bulged-out, flaring and ready to go

'bulged-out, flaring and ready to go M.Fauvet 26-12-13

this image reminds of a comment some bobo left here a while back. among other nonsenses, one of things he liked less was the fact that ‘my mutant fish had sick bulging eyes’.
at the time i was too busy sort-of laughing at all this silliness but in hindsight i should have suggested he go soak his head once in a while, that is, go have a look at how fish look when they’re at home underwater instead of judging their appearance when they’re lifted out of it for the all-important ‘grip & grin’ shot.
quite simply, when they’re in their environment their eyes bulge out and so do their nostrils. i’m waiting for a confirming reply from an ichthyologist friend but i’m fairly sure that the fact that both of these organs retract when exposed to air has to do with lack of water pressure but then it might also have to do that they don’t want to see or smell us. considering how many ugly-stinky anglers i’ve met throughout my life i can’t really blame them…

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    • hey, it’s all about love ! 😆

      btw, your comment was in my spam box. not sure why. even more interesting is i went through it without automatically deleting everything which i normally do.

  1. yeah, i’ve named him Dasher :mrgreen:

    hey, this other was in the spam box again. my setting are that if i’ve approved a commentator, further comments from that person get automatically approved and connected to the post. something’s wrong.
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