MuskOx Dubbing

sound cool, huh ? cooler still is this underfur dubbing was collected from tree branches and other scratchy areas where these fantabulous beasts from Greenland like to rub their massive butts bodies. no messing shaving or mindless slaying !
filmed last year by Ákos Szmutni, here’s what this lovely prehistoric stuff looks like.

“Let me introduce a new and unique dubbing material, the Muskox Underfur. This fine underfur is the softest and warmest natural fibre in the world. Supply is extremely limited and this is the most expensive and valuable wool in the world. 
This fur is translucent and durable. Ideal for nymph, caddis, spider and dry fly patterns. The colour is also natural: cream, tan, and smoke. This fur is extremely rare, and we are sure this will be a very requested fly tying material in near future. 
I selected and collected it carefully from woods, this summer in Greenland, when I was there on a fishing trip.”

if you too are worried about your lovely flies getting cold and want to try out something that’s really out of the ordinary give this stuff a try. you can find it here but be quick, there’s only a few packs left !