How to sharpen hooks

excellent ! dear old Krusty says it all and there’s absolutely nothing i can add except: this is THE way to do it. enjoy !

if you don’t understand the ‘pup tent’ shape, its a triangle. once combined with the inverted pup tent (base to base) it gives us this profile when we look at the hook point straight on: a tilted square. this is the shape we want.
hookpoint shape

(i know, the drawing ***** but i hope you’ll get the point… )

2 thoughts on “How to sharpen hooks

  1. Great advice. “Krusty” is one of my fishing heros. I read his sharpening method long ago in an outdoor magazine and used it ever since. I showed a co-worker a 1/0 O’Shaughnessy salt water hook that I had sharpened to a cutting edge. He doubted​ it’s effectiveness and proceeded to slice his finger as he tested it. Told ya I said! Awesome blog as always Marc! 👍😎

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