a long-long cast !

just out from Akos Szmutni, here we’ll see him casting the soon-to-be-out (April 2014) 9′ 6wt Stickman T6 with a Barrio GT125 5wt line to 41 meters/134,5 ft.
he makes it look so disgustingly easy…


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4 thoughts on “a long-long cast !

  1. Why did he use a 6 weight rod with a 5 weight line? Seems out of balance.

    • it’s actually the other way around Dick.
      carrying 80-90 or more feet while false casting is a minimum to get that far. that amount of weight far-far exceeds the standard AFFTA wt references that are taken at 30 ft.
      in other words, that much line can have the equivalent weight of a line 3 or 4 wt higher. this ‘overweight’ situation can easily break rods.
      using a 5wt line in this case brings this line weight issue back to a more reasonable balance.
      i hope that helped,

      • Hi Marc,

        Thanks for the reply…didn’t think about the weight from the entire fly line affecting the rod. Dick

        • glad to help Dick. another thing that might help understand this ‘overweight’ thing is distance lines all have loooong bellies. the Barrio GT125’s belly is approximately 73′ feet long.

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