The Making of a Fly Reel

via GinkandGasolineJesus built my CCFX2 

starring Jesus (i guess), here’s a very cool insight on how fine fly reels are manufactured. sure, there’s a lot of machinery involved but also a lot of well trained and practiced people making sure it all comes out perfect.

as a side note, i very often hear nagging complaints of the price of high-end fly fishing gear. if we take a good look at all the high-tech machinery involved, the skilled labour, r&d, prototype testing and a lot more and combine all of that with relatively low production quantities because fly fishing is actually a very small market (compared to a lot of other industries: automobile, electronics, etc, you name it), this all easily explains the costs and resultant prices we have to pay if we want high end gear. simples.

2 thoughts on “The Making of a Fly Reel

  1. Had to smile because of the title. It reminded me of Ministry. Still i was quite surprised that when i clicked the video, Ministry actually came up. Funny choice, and greatly related to the speed of the movie. This band and flyfishing do not often come together… Keep surprising us, great site! Regards, Wim (the Netherlands).

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