drying off flies with a rubber band

funny how this old trick is old-hat in some parts of the world and unheard of in others. this great tip’s for the latter.
simple and inexpensive as can be, all you need is a rubber band or two to dry off a water soaked dry fly in just a few seconds and that’s it, no paper towels, drying patch or dumb chemicals.
image002 and here’s how to do it. the video’s in spanish but if you don’t understand a word it’s ok, there really isn’t all that much to understand.
great for any material, this is a real bonus for cdc flies. no more of this ‘once and away‘ stuff !
– a single or double rubber band is attached to your vest-chest-pack-shirt-whatever
– if the fly just caught a fish clean it well in the water to remove any residual fish slime
– place the hook at the end of the band
– hold the leader 20 or so cm from the fly and just hold the band and tippet tight without excessive pulling
– pluck the band several times till all the water flies off (the guy in the video goes a little ‘excessive’ here, most of the time 3-4-5 plucks does the trick)
– resume fishing
– simples !

side note- rubber bands usually don’t last long when exposed to uv rays so you might wanna add a spare in your kit.

here’s a fancified band made of silicone with a wire snap at one end so it easily holds the smallest of flies. shrink tube ends keep it slim and out of the way.
(i know, i can’t help it… )
dry fly rubber band m.fauvet:tlc
EDIT-  Michael from Berlin asked for a bit more info on how to make the D-Lux ‘Pimp my Rubber’ Drying Band (and it just got a fancy name at the same time !), here’s a few close-ups, materials list and a brief description on how to put it together.

rubber band 2
– the band itself is a high-heat tolerant silicone band found in the cooking department at a local shop. why anyone would want to cook food with a rubber band is beyond me but the gadget-freak within me screamed “buy it ! its bound to be good for something fly fishing related !”
once again, this isn’t really necessary because standard household rubber bands work very well and they basically cost nothing. lets just say the gadget-freak told me to do it…

– a small snap used to quickly attach lures for spin/baitcast fishing is what holds the hook. the reason i added this is since the silicone band is relatively thick, very small flies wouldn’t go around the band easily. this clip in turn makes the devise suitable for flies of all sizes from the biggest to size 32. with the latter, we’ll want to take it easy on the plucking considering the breaking strength of tippets used for tiny flies.

– a small cut length of shrink tube fitted over covers the bottom and ‘snaggy’ part of the clip but its mostly there to squash down the end of the band to take up less overall space as the band forms a full-size ‘O’ without the ends being pinched. a quick little pass under a lighter flame does the trick.

– put another little piece of shrink tube at the other end, heat it and add an attachment clip of your choice and you’re ready for some fly plucking !
rubber band 1

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