an easy indicator hight adjustment system

ok, those thingamathingies aren’t my thing…

thingamastoppersbut ! this trick is as ingenious, simple, quick and cheap as it gets. if we abstract the thingy for a moment and look for other potential uses, the fly line stopper, single, double, triple (and eventually in different colours to be effective in varied light conditions) in itself can be used as an adjustable sighter/indicator for Euro or sight nymphing or even as a take indicator for dry flies when there’s a lot of natural flies on the water and we’re not so sure if we’re tracking our own imitation or a natural.
i’ve been using the same nail-knot method with fluo-coloured nylons such as Amnesia red for years to be able to track parts of long leaders in complex currents and can see how the fly line trick will make tracking easier as it should stay on or closer to the surface, specially once floatant is applied. for sure something to try out.

pretty much all of us have old fly lines hanging around so this is a really good way to recycle them.
as for the nail-knot tool, i almost always have one on me but it’s not a necessity as it can very easily be done by hand with Gary Borger’s ‘Nail-Less Nail Knot’.
note that these hold on better on level lengths of line than on taped ones. have fun experimenting !

11 thoughts on “an easy indicator hight adjustment system

  1. In the late 1970’s and early 80’s a popular strike indicator was a 1″ or 2″ section of floating flyline with the leader threaded through it lengthwise with a needle. It could be made of bright line or colored with a marker and then pegged with a sliver off a toothpick. Love your blog. Phil Foster, Medford Oregon.

    • thanks for the kind words Phil,
      yup i remember that. if i remember well it was called the ‘PIA‘ indicator… 😆

    • haha ! just kidding of course !
      Alex, stop giving me shit about this ! the first sentence says i don’t like the balloon thingy, it’s the stoppers and how we can use them differently that i like 😎

      how’s the fishing lately ? i might be coming your way later on this year, you gotta take me to one of your special streams !

  2. Ok, i’ll take you with me but you have to wear a bandage to cover your eyes all the way to the stream or we both will die!!

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