Don’t wade, you idiot !


“OK, I’m provoking, and I know it… but the idea of not wading straight into the water might need some exaggeration to knock in to some anglers’ thick skulls. Not yours of course, but the other clowns who stomp into the water and spook every fish within close distance before they even lay out their first cast.”

haha ! in what’s one of the better fishing tips there is, Martin Joergensen not only knocks a few skulls and just one of them is the reminder that spooking fish before even fishing for them is well, stupid…
very complete and filled with oh-so-much common sense, the only thing i can think to add is all the negative sounds/vibrations we make when wading. fish are still susceptible to these when we stay on the side of the water but they’re greatly diminished.
as a last bonus, it’s pretty rare that an angler falls into the water from the bank whereas falling in when wading is a daily affair for a lot of us…

“I don’t know how many times I have heard this advice on a stream when fishing a dry fly: cast as close as you can to the opposite bank. If you don’t catch the grass or the bushes over there once in a while, you’re not close enough! For some reason the fish seem to be holding under the opposite bank in every stream in the world.
Same thing when fishing for salmon. You gear up to be able to cover the whole stream, and unless you are fishing a large river it’s certainly possible to cast across to the opposite bank and cover the whole width of many streams.
But why on earth are the fish holding under the bank across from where you got in the water? Well, they aren’t… or weren’t until you stepped into the water. The fish are of course all over the stream – on your side, in the middle and close to the opposite bank.
So why would you choose to fish for those over there rather than the ones right under your nose? Well, it beats me!”

and there’s a lot more to it. click the pic for the complete article on The Global FlyFisher. enjoy ! (and stay a little drier)

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