Fly tying – One handed whip finish technique

A technique developed as part of a fly tying class at Walter Reed Army Medical Center delivered by volunteers from the Potomac-Patuxent Chapter of Trout Unlimited

kudos to the TU crew for finding a simple, easy and brilliant solution to help disabled tiers whip finish their flies.
we all know someone or that could use a helping hand and this video is well worth sharing with them.

i just had to try this and it works very well. after a half-dozen finishes the only semi-issue i had with this technique was that sometimes the weight of the bobbin/forceps ensemble wasn’t heavy enough to pull through at the end but using a small, heavier metal spring clip instead of the forceps did the trick perfectly.

finally, as an alternative, instead of doing a regular whip finish another simple and very strong method is, once the fly completed, pull the bobbin holder down a bit and apply a drop or two of superglue evenly on the thread a few millimetres from the hook, wind a few turns and trim off the tying thread flush. simples !