14 thoughts on “the smallest trout stream in the word.

  1. Fished a few times creeks like this but the best tactics was to crawl paralel to the ground until your rod tip reaches the edge of the stream and pitch the fly gently above the fush.

    • yeah, and spending the whole day with your butt in the air is looking for big trouble !
      much better off staying upright and learning to cast properly…

  2. it has nothing to do with casting properly…its ok when your hand is still fresh and you are hiting the tiny spots fine, but after some time its not like that…

    • well, you know the saying “the tug is the drug” so, i guess that’s good for everyone. even low-life numfers !
      taking off for the Scottish Gathering in Spain. seeya !

  3. there is no such thing as low-life numfers , proper nymphing is on the top of the the chain!!
    no Spain for me, just preparing some secret flies for a top secret local rivier !

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