imagehi folks ! I’m somewhere here on this map enjoying a spicy breakfast, listening to fancy birds and happy to have caught my first ever Pacu last night. otherwise known as the ‘ball eater’ fish, I fished from the bank!

i had planned to post a slew of things for you to read and even a new giveaway contest to keep you busy while I’m trying to not get get my balls eaten…. but, contrary to what the travel brochure said, I wasn’t able to connect once to wifi throughout the 25 hour trip. hopefully this won’t be the same on the way back. anyhow, hugs to all and see ya soon !


9 thoughts on “Borneoing

  1. He seems to be enjoying himself so far….hope he connects to a Mahseer today… Even if it’s just a small one.:-)

    • he did ! (and yes, it was small but it’s another fish on the caught species list !)
      tomorrow he goes for it’s bigger sister 😀

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