Fly Fishing Literature- G E M Skues The Man of the Nymph

‘The Man of the Nymph”. if the title alone isn’t just the sexiest thing ever than i don’t know what is !
piscatorial lasciviousness aside, check out the video. Hayter’s enthusiasm gives me the idea that this book’s a winner.

“The long awaited definitive biography of a fly fishing icon. Written with a rare authority by Tony Hayter one of our foremost angling historians, and published by Robert Hale Ltd. We had the honour to film the book launch at the Grosvenor Hotel, Stockbridge, Hampshire, and conduct an interview with the author.

This video contains clips from the launch and excerpts from the interview” enjoy !

3 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Literature- G E M Skues The Man of the Nymph

  1. How can I buy this new book on Walton. I’m from Oz – Tasmania to be exact – and, due to bro cancer – cannot go fishing, but can still read books on fly fishing and could write a book on fishing. I’ve written a book ‘The Compleat Angler in Tasmania – a season’s highland fly fishing with Walton in Tasmania’ which has sold reather well in Oz. Would you like me to send you one?
    Keith P., Oz.

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