what Piranhas sound like

when they’re about to eat you.

piranhas attack!
half way between a honking snore, beating on a coffin with the palm of your hand and a speeding fly saucer, here’s eleven seconds of something you’d probably never want to hear in real.

“The clip features three sounds. The first is a “bark” produced in what the researchers called a “frontal display”, meaning where two fish swam quickly towards each other and stayed still, aggressively intimidating and staring at each other. The second is a “drum beat” produced by the largest fish in the group when circling the shoal, mostly when there was competition for food. The third “croak” was generally associated with a piranha chasing and biting another fish.”

via The Cabinet of Freshwater Curiosities, click the pic for more on the Red-Bellied Piranha.

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