Fly Tying- Setting Hair Wings

by Roger Lowe via Brookings’ Anglers

unfortunately, this video suffers of poor image quality but the very clear, concise and extremely well explained and pleasantly twangy instructions on this technique more than make up for the constant blur.
the tutorial is based on the infamous Royal Wulff patern but the same winging technique will do the do for a whole host of other flies from the more traditional types such as the Catskill school to more contemporary floating patterns such as this little Honey that’s caught me so many fish. Honey has a synthetic wing but the tying process is basically the same.
explore, experiment but mostly, enjoy !

2 thoughts on “Fly Tying- Setting Hair Wings

  1. Thanks for posting Marc! Roger is a great fly tier and has probably tied more patterns than anyone I know in this region. That was my mojo fly for years in my youth. In the 80s, I really believed it was the only pattern you needed in the South Island of NZ for taking impressive numbers daily. Lee Wulff knew some tricks in regards to triggers. 🙂

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