Fly Casting Instructor Demo – Sabah, Malaysia

amazing the things one finds when trolling the net !
this morning, while watching a fly fishing video i saw my name on the youtube sidebar and of course opened the page. the funny thing is, i didn’t even know this video existed ! but what a nice surprise as it brought back fond memories of a fantastic trip among some of the finest and talented people i’ve ever met.

just to set the context: saturday morning in the deepest-darkest Malaysian jungle. it had been and continued raining hard as it so often happens in rain forests so we decided to do our demo day indoors at the lodge safely protected from the elements with the coffee machine close to hand. most of the attendants where certified casting instructors, all from various countries in Asia or Australia. i thought i might share a few teaching methods i’ve picked up along the way as i was fairly certain my instructor colleagues weren’t too familiar with these techniques.

sorely missing at the beginning of the video is the introduction and credits to the authors as my demo was mostly based on Lee Cumming‘s ‘Triangle Method’ and Joan Wulff‘s ‘Circles, Eights and Straights’ exercises, fantastic stuff geared towards beginner fly fishers/casters with a few personal ideas of my own thrown in for good measure.
we’ll note the effectiveness of these methods by the results of our guest pupils. the first gentleman had never cast with his non-dominant hand, the first lady had never touched a fly rod before and the second was just starting off fly fishing.
as mentioned in the video, the point of these exercises is to get people to start off with a very good understanding of the necessary ESSENTIALS of fly casting without getting overly technical or even using any casting-specific words but the most important feature and what they go home with is, they can do it and its easy to do. the ‘mental block’ that often happens when initially learning to cast is knocked down from the get-go.

having Peter Hayse participate and give feedback during the demo was an honour and a real treat. after my ramblings is more of Peter’s wisdom followed by a great exercise by Tomonori ‘Bill’ Higashi.

hopefully, from beginner to instructor to guide or shop owner, the following should have a little something for everyone. i hope you’ll enjoy !

15 thoughts on “Fly Casting Instructor Demo – Sabah, Malaysia

  1. Thanks a lot Marc for a great way(I hope) to get rid of my wrist movement. I cant wait to try it out 🙂

    • hi Håkan !
      thanks and please let me know how it works !
      since you’re not a beginner this might be somewhat of a ‘chronic’ over-wristing reflex so you can expect to automatically revert back to casting with the wrist after doing the exercises, at least for a while. fight it hard !
      its nothing more than a mind-controll thing so pretend you’re Mr. Spock while you’re practising 😀

  2. Just discovered your site Marc, thanks, great resource and a very useful video on this page.

    Having started in small mountain streams, I discovered that my casting distance needs improvement for small still waters in The Netherlands.

    I use your articles and try to understand and practice. Forced inside by storms, I built a practice rod from an old rod tip and pieces of rope and old fly line.

    I actually find the inside training useful. I wondered which practice rod you are using in the video or which one you would recommend?

    • hi Alwin, thanks for the kind words !
      the rod/line in the video is the Echo M.P.R. (Micro Practice Rod). the ‘line and leader’ is made of a special yarn that balances the outfit very well. i highly recommend it for every angler of all levels.
      the Echo distributor in Europe is my friends at BalticFlyFisher

      you may already have seen it, if not, this page has all sorts of casting articles that might keep you busy while waiting out the storms ! 😆

      • Thanks Marc, I found a local webshop that sells the Echo MPR + spey adapter as a set and I ordered one.

        I really like the idea of being able to practice casting almost anywhere whenever there is a lost moment. That way you can concentrate on the fishing when you are fishing.

        Thanks for the link. I am reading your material at my ease and making notes. I will use it as a guide for improvement while I make self evaluation videos.

        Would love to chase pike one day in Sweden.

        Regards, Alwin

  3. great news Alwin, you’ll have a lot of useful, productive fun with it. if you have any questions or whatever on the casting articles be sure to leave your comments on their respective page and i’ll do what i can to help. pike in Sweden are fun, specially on the Baltic. there’s something really special about catching fresh water fish in brackish water, plus the settings are stunning. have fun !

  4. I thought the video looked familiar 🙂 Anyway, I learnt heaps from all you guys. JW

    • hey Juan ! thanks to YOU for the video ! and yes, there was a lot to learn from each other at that meet. looking forward to Taiwan in September, i trust you’ll be there ?

      • Hey, Marc. Wish I could be in Taiwan but September is the absolute busiest month here in Rompin for sailfish fishing. Am afraid I’m already fully booked (not that I’m complaining, actually). You guys have fun there!

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