the Definitive Clouser

as just about every single tying video by Tim Flagler, today’s infamous Clouser Minnow tutorial is one to bookmark and keep as a reference.
extreeeemely well detailed with special focus points to help us construct a strong, effective and fish-attracting fly. this is a real gem, enjoy !

2 thoughts on “the Definitive Clouser

  1. Mark – I agree – there are a lot of videos on fly tying, and some are quite good, but Tim Flagler’s videos are terrific – the photography, the narration, the length and organization, and the background music all speak to a high level of professionalism And he has so many little tips and “why didn’t I think of that” moments in his videos.. If you like fly tying, all his videos are available on You Tube under Tightlines Videos.

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