Craig’s Bottle Rockets

here’s a super-cool, fun and very effective fly casting exercise from Craig Buckbee

Have you ever thrown apples off the end of stick? well, neither have i, at least not until i started taking this fly casting thing seriously something like ten years ago. my childhood toys involved rocks, wrist-rocket slingshots, BB guns, bows & arrows and various types of fishing rods. all projectile-throwing activities but the apple on a stick thing just seemed a bit too Tom Sawyerish to even be considered at the time because it didn’t seem like a cool thing to do. looking back on it now, neglecting the apple thing might be why i struggled for so long getting my fly lines to do what i told them to do. who knows…

ready to start launching ? you’ll need rockets like these
bottle rocket 1
and they’ll be attached to your launcher like this
bottle rocket 2(snow is optional)

“At first, don’t think (or worry… ) about Casting the bottle – just place it over the end of the rod and simply throw it to an area out in front of you – not too far. Then, as you get warmed up, throw it a bit further . Don’t think about Smooth Acceleration or a Crisp Stop – just throw the damn thing out there.

Next step: Start to Think. Taking a cue from this, ease into the Key Position, the Ready Position: the starting place for the forward cast, where your arm and body should be to begin the stroke. Then, with your hand + arm easing forward and down, pick up speed – smoothly – as you drop your elbow. When your rod hand arrives inline with your view to the target allow (not force ! ) your wrist to hinge forward… just a bit”

this is really good stuff and definitely one to do with your little ones. i’m firmly convinced that the best way to learn or improve fly casting is through games and here’s definitely one to add to the list.

for the rest of Craig’s very comprehensive article click either pic or here, enjoy !

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