Cutthroat Transmitters

via Wyoming Game and Fish Department

it always leaves a strange feeling seeing our little friends get sliced up, have an antenna pushed up their butt and find themselves with one of R2D2’s spare parts placed in their belly… but if its good for the many then i guess its a good thing.
having but the most rudimentary notions of fish biology and studies, i have no idea of the validity or effectiveness of these types of study projects but knowing about the process is quite interesting. enjoy !

2 thoughts on “Cutthroat Transmitters

  1. hi Mitch,
    quite understandably, the fish does/doesn’t feel pain subject is often a subject of contention.
    i can’t say with authority that either proposal is absolutely correct. maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but from personal experience and something the video shows quite well, is that there’s no special reaction from the fish when its being opened up with the scalpel.
    we mammals would be wriggling and yelling and it would most probably feel as if it was the end of our world, but apart from a few squirms as any fish do when they’re removed from their environment, there doesn’t seem to be any reaction to what we would consider pain or even a panic sensation. its probably not very ‘happy’ to be going through this but thats a very different subject.
    i know its always treading dangerous ground to associate human feelings, notions and logic when it comes to animals and maybe i’m doing exactly that ?..

    regardless, i too would be very interested in knowing how the test fish survived or thrived through this study and if they didn’t, i believe that their loss would be of a greater good to their species in the long run.
    besides, imo, its a better loss than if some angler had bonked it to fill the freezer.
    thanks for stopping by,

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