the Freaky Frog

by Chad Johnson via The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal

too cool to not tie up a few for your own fishing, these little creatures have all the right elements to entice, notably with the weighted butt this should not only gurgle, splash and wiggle but also bob back and forth: destined to catch more than a few frog-eaters.
be sure to tie a few more and cut off the hook so your little ones can play with them in the bath. enjoy !

3 thoughts on “the Freaky Frog

  1. Very Nice. What size and make of hook? What type of thread? Thanks.

    • from the video’s page-

      Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher guide and Umpqua fly designer Chad Johnson ties his Freak Frog. (Materials List below)

      The Freaky Frog is an awesome surface fly for largemouth and smallmouth bass: and if you fish froggy stillwaters in trout country don’t be surprised that it works there as well.

      Click to shop the Freaky Frog here

      Video produced by Brian Wise: Fly Fishing the Ozarks
      in conjunction with Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher, Cotter Arkansas.

      Materials List
      Hook — 8089 Size 2
      Frog Foam — Olive
      Foam Ant Body — Large Black
      Sheet of 1/8″ Tan Fly Foam
      Silly Legs — Hopper Yellow Perfectly Barred & Olive/ Black Flake
      Eyes — Hareline 5/16 Oval Pupil 3D — Red/ Black Pupil
      Prism SLF Dubbing—Olive— Multi — Laminated Synthetic
      Thread — UTC 100 Olive GSP
      Stainless Wire Weed Guard
      .035 Lead Wire

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