if you got here via a skull & bones/sucky music worshipping-type freak search go headbang elsewhere.

on the other hand, if you’re interested in the re-vamping of historical flies and beauty on a hook read the few excerpts below !

“The Black Prince wet fly is an old pattern. It is shown on the Lake Flies in Favorite Flies and Their Histories, 1892, by Mary Orvis Marbury. It is also in Trout, 1938, by Ray Bergman. It was a popular pattern and has appeared in other publications as well. The Orvis version has a body made entirely of flat gold tinsel, while the later version in Trout sports a black floss body with a gold tinsel ribbing. Both have red tails, the version in Marbury’s book also has a jungle cock cheek.”
black-prince Don Bastian
“Like so many classic wet flies, trout do not see them, and one ace-in-the-hole trick you can tuck up your sleeve is to hit the water with something different than what everyone else is fishing. How about the Black Prince?”

those being the opening and closing lines of yet another great page on Don Bastion‘s Wet Fly blog, click His Majesty for the complete article, materials list and more on this classic fly’s history. enjoy !

2 thoughts on ““ALL HAIL THE BLACK PRINCE !!!

  1. Cool, as soon as possible I will tie this one. I think it is really fun to fish the traditional wet fly especially if one can see the strike.
    Cheers, Guy

    • hi ! glad you liked it Guy.
      outside of crystal-clear waters seeing the strike itself is usually pretty rare, specially when swinging the fly. on the other hand, if fished just below the surface we’ll often see the bulge of the fish pushing water as its approaching the fly and that’s always exciting !
      the only circumstance i can think of where we often see the take and a marked reaction from the fish with wet flies is when fishing the traditional ‘North Country’ very close range up-stream ‘pocket-picking’, a method still widely unknown to most anglers outside the UK. lots of fun and exciting fishing !
      the Black Prince is more of a ‘swinger’ but i cant imagine not working upstream as well.
      bye !

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