Trout’s Sunday Brunch

intended as a Crane fly larvae, which i’m sure it does a great job at catching if those bugs are out and about in your waters, what i see is a fly that looks wormy and yummy (it’s even gummy !) regardless whether there are actual crane flies around or not. an attractor fly of sorts without flash and bling to be used when there isn’t a defined or detectable hatch and as such, sounds pretty spot-on all year round.

brought to us by the guys at Hammer Creek Fly Fishing, its a simple and great looking fly to tie for tiers of all levels. enjoy !

4 thoughts on “Trout’s Sunday Brunch

  1. The next time you are doing a insect collection drop a crane fly larva into a bucket of water they don’t look like that when they are swimming. They look a lot more like Borger’s rabbit strip nymph.They are not just big slugs in the water like caddis larva.

    • will do Greg and thanks for your comment.
      i don’t have any crane flies anywhere near where i live. in fact, i don’t even think there’s any in France…
      but ! i’ll look it up and its still a nice fly though.

      • It is a beautiful fly and will certainly catch fish. I didn’t mean to come off too harsh. I had been sampling insects as part of our stream monitoring for years before i found one swimming around in a bucket of water. I had no idea what it was until i took it out and it shrunk back to the form we usually see in our nets and on insect keys. Again I apologize if I came off badly.

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