Dry Fly Fishing in Theory and Practice

dryflyfishing cover halfordanother doozy from the infamous “Detached Badger of “The Field” *,  Frederic Michael Halford, first printed in 1889 via openlibrary.org

while all of us in the Northern Hemisphere are secretly hating all those that aren’t, impatiently waiting for open waters and better days… here’s a more than amusing and informative and oh boy, once again reminder that while certain details have changed through fly fishing history, the bigger picture hasn’t evolved that much.

a few tidbits-


rod action


rod length
and if those don’t get your interest, this one on rod-holding ‘butt spears’ should do the trick.

butt spears

click either text/image to access the complete 400 or so page book. its well worth the read, besides, well, its well worth the read.
the guy sure had a lot to say about everything one might want to know and then more. enjoy !

* please don’t ask. i have no idea and i really don’t want to know.

10 thoughts on “Dry Fly Fishing in Theory and Practice

  1. ha, the infamous dry fly purists Bible! yep, its “well worth the read” only to find out how much greater was the great Skues in regards to this noisy, pretentious dry fly dwarf !

  2. no, rain is ok,but many thanks for that, problem is that its kind of social gathering in recent years, the banks would be occupied by many folks, thankfuly as the season goes further on only the few regular practitioners will remain.

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