long cuts:

they’re the opposite of short cuts.

i know that doesn’t make a lot of sense. going the longer way from point A to B isn’t cutting anything, this greatly increases travel expenses and the term doesn’t really exist anyhow but it somehow sounds appropriate.
course sunset m.fauvet:tlc 27-1-15
i’ve always had this fantasy of pushing this long-cutting to the extreme by going all the way around the globe to reach point B.
i guess i’ll have to start saving up to get a decent camper vehicle and a lot of memory cards for the cameras. but then, if i do, i guess i won’t really be aiming to come back to point B…

3 thoughts on “long cuts:

  1. As you know M. Fauvet, the shortest distance from A to B is a straight line but it will cause instant drag 😉
    There are few straight lines in nature, the slow, circuitous route is the easy road to success and happiness.
    tight lines mate,

    • i seriously doubt there are any naturally-occuring straight lines, even light rays are waves so, best to follow their example ! 😉
      thanks for stopping by Roy. hope you’re well and happy.

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