Fly Casting- Dual personalities psychedelically hauled and non-hauled.

created a while back by some casting-tech geek on a casting-geek forum and slomoed and giffed for your over-and-over pleasure, this little film originally created by the Jason Borger – Grunde Lovoll duo at the Fly Casting Institute was made to show the casting stroke difference between a hauled and non-hauled cast and if i remember correctly,  the whole idea here was to show that contrary to popular notion, there wasn’t a whole lot more added rod bend to the hauled cast.
the guy in red is hauling, the same guy in green isn’t.  we’ll notice a remarked similarity between the two strokes but, as good as some casters may be and Mathias Lilleheim, the caster performing in the video is definiteley one of the more than good ones, humans simply aren’t machines. our motion repeatability skills can’t compare to those of say a robot meaning that to this guy, its not a fair comparison and not something i would use to come to any conclusions.

so with that in mind, lets forget all about the tech stuff and get to the important:
even when its not overlayed and high-teched and whatnot, fly casting; watching a line fly back and forth through the air is not only a thing of beauty but its also a trippy thing. fancy colours or not, it’s psychedelic or rather, can expand consciousness in a rather mild and safe manner that doesn’t necessitate any imagination additives and this, whether we’re doing it ourselves or watching someone else. i’ve often had feedback to this effect by people who have never picked up a fly rod themselves or who have never watched anyone cast previously and its this last part that mostly explains why i feel what i feel when casting: a strange sensation of expansion that has nothing to do with the one happening at my waistline.

i do hope you’ll enjoy this little rod-weilding visual escapade. beyond the hauled – non-hauled aspect its exemplary casting and the flashing lights in the background well… make the whole thing all that more special.

Dual-Personality Psychedelics M.Fauvet:TLC

11 thoughts on “Fly Casting- Dual personalities psychedelically hauled and non-hauled.

  1. Hey Marc

    That was spooky as I was just thinking about a video of just that.

    Do you have a link to the original video? Every time I touch it to pause etc, I keep opening a new page of your blog.

    Thanks again, for posting.


    • hey Trev !
      i don’t see the original vids on Jason’s page anymore.
      they seem to have been removed or are in limbo ! 😀
      i might have the original somewhere in my files, i’ll check for you.
      the hyperlink of the video has been removed but you still won’t be able to pause and go as its a gif. sorry.
      thanks for stopping by !

        • glad you liked !
          i checked my saved files but can’t be sure of which film is which. (which two where used to make the gif)
          i’ll see if Jason can be of help, i’m interested in seeing them individually as well.

  2. hey Grunde !
    a) i can’t be a geek because graphs and charts make me nauseous, give me headaches and make my thingy shrivel !
    b) thanks ! Trevor, here’s the original (give it some time to load. its slow)
    c) i was at that talk and didn’t understand a single word you said !
    i asked Surtees to translate, he looked at me, shook his head, made strange gurgling noises and said NO 😀
    thanks for your help !

      • Marc, of cource you are a geek! I honestly don’t understand why you try to drag graphs and charts into that “discussion”.

        • geek 1 |gēk|
          noun informal
          1 an unfashionable or socially inept person.
          2 a carnival performer who performs wild or disgusting acts.

          ok then Doc. which is it ? (please say #2 ! ) 😆

  3. You say . . . ” there wasn’t a whole lot more added rod bend to the hauled cast.” Seemingly implying that haul doesn’t impart significantly more energy to the rod. However, being as fly rods are tapered, even slightly more bend in the rod is significantly more energy imparted to the rod, which imparts exponentially more energy to the line, resulting in a far more captivating, hypnotic, trippy line dance through the air.:-D

    • and any hypnotic and trippy result is well worth the extra effort i’d say ! 😆

      – “Seemingly implying that haul doesn’t impart significantly more energy to the rod.”
      let’s look at it another way. a haul imparts a higher line speed to the line and its of no practical importance what that haul does to the rod. this is all very easy to see and understand when doing all this with a ‘broomstick’ : a rod that doesn’t bend.

      – as for rod taper and exponential energy transfer, i’ll ask a few fairies i know what they think of this.

      thanks for stopping by,

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