the Transformer Midge

hot off of Davie McPhail‘s video editor is one the most interesting fly design concepts i’ve seen in a looooong time: the Transformer monicker sets the theme.

tied as is and with all its strong and fine trigger points, this fly looks like it’ll do the trick just about anywhere whether it be on flowing or still waters anytime a floating or in-the-surface-film or sub-surface aquatic or terrestrial fly is called for.
– need something that looks more caddisy ? just trim back the extended body with your nippers.
– want a stonefly ? nip off the legs and maybe trim the chenille abdomen.
– small grass-hopper hatch ? trim back the abdomen a little and leave it blunt instead of tapered.
– want it to sit in the film ? trim the bottom part of the hackle with either your nippers or scissors.
– want it just below the surface to fish it Loch-Style ? rub it underwater with your fingers till it’s waterlogged and it’ll break the surface tension right away.
– sound good ? no, great  !

since i exclusively use factory barbless hooks, i’m certain a wide gape curved-shank ‘scud’ type hook will work very nicely. different sizes from size 10 to 18 in black, olive and brown should do the trick year ’round.
heck, i’m seeing so much potential in this little bug that i think i’ll tie up a little box full of these and fish them exclusively…

here’s the tying tutorial, enjoy !

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