Fly fishing Tips & Tricks- Getting a Fly out of a Branch

let’s just say it happens, but ! this great tip from Leafbranch Studios shows us a way to get the fly back without:
a) risking breaking the rod
b) loosing the fly where it might snag an animal* whilst emptying the fly box and breaking leaders
c) spooking fish by shaking branches back and forth or going there to unhook it
d) feeling a little less dumb for having snagged the tree in the first place…

sometimes the tippet and fly wrap themselves around a or several branches or the hook point can be deeply imbedded in wood so this method doesn’t always work and we’ll have to similarly point the rod straight at the snag and instead of plucking, pull the line until something snaps but Kurt’s technique should be the first thing to try. enjoy ! (and STOP casting into branches !!!)

EDIT- embedding rights for this video have been removed since this article was posted but you can still see it by clicking HERE

* from the ‘STOP casting into branches’ link above- “Lastly, I’d like to point out that flies left in trees obviously don’t catch fish but can catch, wound and/or kill a whole host of other animals like birds, small mammals, bats, monkeys and whatever else that climb or fly through trees and waterside vegetation and let’s not forget other anglers and people that like to enjoy the waterways as much as we do. Much more than the flies themselves or the gutting shame that occurs when I snag obstacles, its this last point that makes me want to be extra careful.”

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