Avon calling !

no, not the stinky stuff ! the lovely chalkstream that flows through southern England.

 bitchyswan Avon m.fauvet:TLC 13-6-15
i’ve seen fish but not fished. part A of several chapters that are about to happen in the next two weeks starts tomorrow with good buddy Mark.
a big treat for me when i visit the UK is the ever-present abundance of swans that seem to live in every water i’ve fished. maybe the locals think of them as just another fat bird but i think they’re really special: big, fat, beautiful river keepers that know i love them so they’ve decided to make more. thanks !

7 thoughts on “Avon calling !

  1. They may be very common over here and at times a little narky but they are beautiful birds and mate for life to!

  2. Avon looks good, show ’em some proper nymphing Marc,be careful with the DFO brigade! Last season i found a lake in slovenia with hundreds of swans, i have some photos the birds are so gracious.

    • Alex, while working on a fish upstream one splashed about two rod lengths straight downstream.
      that was landed fish number 8 that day… 😆

    • yes, i’m still alive Alex ! 😆 and writing at this very moment about some of this upstream/downstream silliness…
      check back later today !

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