Hoddom and Gomorra- part 1

while i haven’t been updating anything here in the last ten or so days,
i’ve been hanging around with really close friends,
really lovely fish,
in gorgeous areas like this.
i’m still there, not for long and i already miss it…

Hoddom 1 m.fauvet-TLC 21-6-15

(more on the seemingly weird title of this post next time !)

9 thoughts on “Hoddom and Gomorra- part 1

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog and every time I realize how much I still have to learn for my fluff chucking becomes something like casting.
    And today, I look to the screen and see one of my favorite piece of water that I love to fish when I have the opportunity to cross the Channel. I miss it…
    I thank you for making this Monday morning at work better !
    (sorry for my poor froggy English)

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