It’s the little things

having a nasty knee injury at the peak of fishing season leaves one with several options:
get mad, frustrated at everything, everyone, take up religion as a way of thinking that it’s all just part of a greater scheme and/or that i probably deserved it for having stolen candy as a child at the local 7-11 but, that’s dumb.
or, it can be just like all the other times where there’s been physical constraints and you just take care of it the best you know and wait it out and try to turn down-time into something positive because the ex-hippie (i never was a hippy btw) tells me that somehow, some way, just about every situation in life can be turned around into a positive one. at least that’s the plan.

so, this time, the idea was to finally rework TheLimpCobra’s layout and navigation parameters to something that:
a) i really like and feel more at-home with.
b) something you’ll really like or at least find more enjoyable and user-friendly with any viewing device.
c) well, in the same sense that it would be boring to always eat the same things or brush your teeth with the same toothpaste or have sex in the same way over and over, a little change is a good change.

instead of having to open the menu to access behind-the-scenes stuff, you’ll find all the different pages at the top bar while categories, search tab, top views and comments, email subscription and maybe a few other future adornments by simply scrolling to the bottom of any page within the site. photo and video size and resolution have been upped. i’m particularly happy about the photo part as most of my own images are about textures and minute details within the frame and this way you’ll get to see them closer to how i see them and closer to how they where intended to be seen. i hope.

along with the memory that the last time i was out fishing (initially, the plan was to try to seduce a blubber-lipped carp but… ), it was hard to keep an exact count but a conservative count concluded to more than sixty perch landed in what, maybe three hours. none of them where big even by perch sizes but i felt like a kid and was one of the most fishy-related fun i’ve ever had. when Monsieur Knee gets better the plan is to get to a triple-digit perch count. it doesn’t matter if it is or not but if i do i’ll consider it a world record and something i can silently boast about, at least until the next injury pops up which once again reminds me that it’s all the little things that count and make life special and every day and moment are worth celebrating so, here’s some zip-bam-boom fireworks for you that i hope you’ll enjoy.

13-7-15 fireworks 2 m.fauvet-TLC

4 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Great Marc …. I like the new format and especially the ease of navigation…Congratulations and do hope the old knee recovers soon….rgds…tonywee

  2. THANKYOU Marc, Not for the site retooling or anything in particular you said, but for keeping your page alive and dynamic. Like Martin J, because of events not of my own cause or making my fishing days left in this life are about finished. Dealing with the fact that fishing, fly tying, rod building and repair, and book and tackle collecting have been my passion for over fifty years and that the ways I can participate are decreasing almost daily, is very trying. Especially when I probably had twenty plus more years of very active participation. For twenty five years of that time I lived for backcountry, wilderness, and canyon fishing in my home of Wyoming, always trying to get further out than anybody else. Now I wish everybody hiked at least 200 meters from the bridge or parking area so myself and those like me could have some undisturbed water to fish.
    What’s left. We’ll fly tying of course, the internet, and fifty three years of fly fishing memories. I recently bought a bench lathe for the limited amount of time I can spend in bamboo and reel repair. Time to quit rambling and get to the point.
    Two and a half years ago my daughter subscribed me to internet service and bought an iPad for me. When I discovered the amount of material on the web about fishing it became a surrogate to the real thing. Through video I could go in the mountains again, I could go to Alaska again, I could fish in places that were on my bucket list. I could keep up on everything that is happening in our sport. All from home. You, and several like yourself introduced me to the real info on Euro-nymphing (don’t want to upset Alex). Where I live these techniques are all but unheard of, I couldn’t find any sighter material or even a local fly shop that had heard of it. What it did was allow me to learn a new technique, cast in heavily fished locations but in unfished portions that are easy to access, and catch lots of trout and steelhead.

    What’s so special about Marc F and TLC? Out of all the websites I view, you stick with it and maintain that fire and passion, the same one I feel. So many sites that I read and checked daily seem to go AWOL for long periods, or cease posting. Some do say goodbye with a short post about how it has become too much work, a monster, no time to keep it going, etc. All very understandable to someone who can’t make it to the grocery store somedays. Some of these web pages I enjoyed as much as yours and severely regret that I didn’t thank these people before they ceased their blogs, and tell them how much I and anglers like me enjoyed them. Not with the thought of laying guilt to keep them posting, but to express genuine gratitude for their time and whatever effort they put in it. That’s not happening again. So…….,Marc, from the bottom of my heart, and I’m sure many more like me, thank you for an incredible job. I sincerely hope you have a very long run. Take extra care of that knee, I don’t want anything bad happening to you.
    Sincerely, Phil Foster. Medford, Oregon.

  3. that’s the nicest, most meaningful comment i could ever image and i’m at a severe loss of words, Phil.
    know that this has made my day, my week, my month and for as long as i stay alive. (and since i’m open to the possibility of reincarnation, probably a lot more ! 😆 )
    i’ll do my best to keep the dream alive.
    take care my friend,

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