Fly Tying- Davy Wotton’s CatchAll

created by and tied by Davie Wotton via The Ozark Fly Fisher Journal

“This fly is one of my past patterns for stillwater and river fishing as used for a traditional wet fly team. It is fished as the top dropper when water conditions are warmer and fish will take off the surface or close to it.
That said it is a first class fly to use for the White river as a single fly fished on and in the surface when fish will rise to take topwater. It should not be stripped as a streamer it should be fished with short twitches and draws and work on the water surface up across to downstream.
It may be fished with either a dry line when fish are surface active or a intermediate 1/2 IPS when a deeper water presentation is needed.”

i’ve had the honour of being an invited tier at several fly shows in Europe and since there’s a whole lot blabbing going on at these affairs… a question that often pops up among the group is “In your opinion, whom is the best tier/tier you respect and/or has influenced you the most ?” and more often than not the answer is Davy Wotton. considering how many highly qualified, imaginative and whatever superlative you care to add to so many tiers around the globe and considering that some of those interrogated are just that, well, that means a lot.

today’s tying tutorial shows us how to make a simple, straightforward and very generic do-it-all just on or in or slightly below the surface film emerger pattern that every trout angler should not only have in the box but use regularly. be sure to watch it in HD, enjoy !


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