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via Eoin Fairgrieve

“Fifteen years ago some River Tweed ghillies got together and organised a morning for local children to learn about various aspects of becoming an angler – We called the event Tweedstart. Today Tweedstart has introduced thousands of children to fly fishing in the Scottish Borders. This is a short film about the project:”

this kind of initiative is all good, all around. kids get out of the classroom, get a better understanding and discover their inherent connection with the outdoors that just can’t happen within walls.
much more than just a fly fishing school, they get to learn about the water’s ecosystem and discover what a precious resource waterways are, water safety, camaraderie/teamwork, how a well managed fishery can be vital plus to a region’s economy and maybe best of all, go back home with fond memories and mud-stained clothing and hands.

with the hope that organisations such as Tweedstart and others around the globe will influence the creation of even more like-minded operations with kids with the fantastic help of people like Eoin and many others, here’s a few videos showing just what a great job they’re doing. enjoy !


4 thoughts on “brainwashem’ young- Tweedstart

  1. An excellent program.

    Any idea who supplies the life jackets the kids are wearing? We have imposed a rule here in South Africa that any child going out on a boat or float tube must wear a ‘personal floatation device’ but ones that are slim and comfortable are difficult to find.


    Drew Kennedy

    Cape town

    • hi Drew. thanks for your comment and good on you for doing a similar program !
      i can’t make out the brand of the jackets but i’ll just ask Eoin, specifying they’re for kids and get back to you here asap.
      in the meantime, here’s a link showing what seems to the most popular fishing-friendly PFDs in the UK and their price range.–vests_2631.html
      i don’t know how import tax rates apply to S.A. but you might want to check out your local boat shops to compare, specially since you’ll probably be buying in bulk.

      EDIT- the link above doesn’t ship inflatable PFDs internationally and my guess is no other UK supplier will as well as its a security issue.

  2. What super work. This model should be replicated in different parts of the world and help secure the future of flyfishing by environmentally minded anglers!

    • it sure is Rob and i fully agree that this and other similar organisations should set examples for others to follow.
      unfortunately, and i’ll use the example of France and how these things can be very complicated, if i or others wanted to initiate this kind of project here i/we would need a government fishing guide license (1 year of full time school at my cost) plus some kind of government approved teaching diploma (i believe that’s a minimum of two years), a waterways safety certificate, insurances, other people with the exact same certificates, sponsors, specific locations that meet administrative requirements, etc, etc, etc.
      in other words, yes, it is possible but it becomes an administrative nightmare…

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