Fly Tying- Slaney’s ShuttleCock Caddis

shuttlecock caddis Slaney:Weilenmanncreated by Paul Slaney, tied by Hans Weilenmann

“The Shuttlecock Caddis is an effective variation on the standard Shuttlecock design. This Caddis Emerger is fished either in tandem with a sub-surface pattern, such as the Backstop Caddis, or by itself during a caddis hatch – generally to devastating effect.”

i see this pattern as a caddissified version or at least in the same fly design lines of Bob Wyatt’s more than rightly infamous D.H.E. ‘Deer Hair Emerger’. as such, Paul’s design fits perfectly into the family of general, all-purpose, super-effective anywhere, anytime patterns any river fisher should have.
the cdc butts represent emerging wing buds to give the pattern a ‘just-enough’ caddis profile. when fishing it alone, left as such the fly will start its drifting life somewhat horizontally, should you want the fly to ride more vertically simply wet the wing buds with saliva to make it sit in the film. should you feel like the caddis hatch has switched off and there’s mayflies happening you can just snip off the wing buds with your nippers and resume catching fish.
sound good ? no, that sounds great to me ! here’s how to make it. enjoy !