Understanding how fly rods break

as a sequel to Why and How Fly Rods Break once again Tim Rajeff explains the how and whys of rod failures in a simple yet concise manner. as noted in the video, it is indeed possible to have manufacturing inconsistencies but most if not all manufacturers do stress tests before assembling or shipping out so, yup, they’re almost always angler-induced.

from part 1 “so, why do rods break ? it can be through improper use under load or by banging it with a fly (vulgarly referred to as ‘Clousering’). another reason i suspect and something i rarely hear about, because nobody wants to admit it…
is a lot of anglers damage them when they’re not even fishing or casting. bings and bangs during transport, throwing them down (yes, throwing them down… ), the ever-present beer and it’s consequent mind-numbing and slipping and sliding effects and who knows what else, must account for a lot of “huh ?! WTF happened ?” reactions when they’re using them for real later on. in a sense, they’re recreating a ‘Clousering’ without even having the fun of casting ! “

’nuff words and guilt-trips, let’s sit back and enjoy watching Tim break some rods for us !

9 thoughts on “Understanding how fly rods break

  1. The “no fault/no questions asked” warranties some rod companies have is to blame for this. I also think it causes us to pay a premium on some of the higher end rods.

    • i see what you mean but clousering and being clutses can only be blamed on the angler. besides, replacing a rod or section usually doesn’t come free as there’s shipping and insurance charges and there’s of course down time.
      as for the extra warranty price, that can only be expected, nothing comes for free. on the other hand, it makes us wonder about rod manufacturers that don’t have an all-inclusive warranty yet still charge exorbitant prices…

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