Fly Tying- a Silent Claret Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph

by mak-flies

just when you well, i… at first thought that just like the Wooly Bugger, there was never-ever going to be any use of yet another redundant pheasant tail nymph tying video this tutorial reminded me that its rather stupid to have those kind of thoughts and that even though it won’t get any rounder, working on making a better wheel definitely can’t hurt: it keeps us going and thinking and maybe catch a few more fish and all that ain’t bad.

i like this video because its silent. generally speaking, removing one sense makes the other senses sharper and in today’s case, we’ll just need to focus our eyes a little more than usual to pick up all the finer details of this fly’s construction.

i also like this pattern because its all in claret, warm, reddish tones. most bugs don’t have claret, warm, reddish tones but it’s undeniable that in many situations fish are very attracted to them and as a bonus, the reddish colour separation from the usually not-in-the-least-bit reddish waters we fish makes flies of this tone stand out thus a little easier to track whilst fishing them.

in my eyes, this fly is very well proportioned. not so much in a hard-core realistic just-like-the-bug way but just right as a really effective fishing fly. even though almost all the elements: tail, abdomen, wing-case(s), legs and head are all basically the same colour, they all stand out either individually or combined to become effective fish-attracting trigger points and this is what maybe caught my eye the most and want to share this video with you all.

maybe its the silent aspect that really kicks in this fly design observational approach or maybe it was the last four cups of coffee but whatever it was, i hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from this tutorial as much as i did.

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